Why does Pinwheel charge for software?

Free software is the siren song of the last generation.
Free apps, free website access, free everything! Software is great when it's free, right? Well, we're finding out now the true cost of "free software" to our lives. We get free software, but we're enslaved by our devices. Your time isn't really free. Software is free because:

"You are the product, not the customer."

This is the root reason why software companies are incentivized to take as much of your time as they can. It's how the make money.

Pinwheel wants to ALWAYS serve families and kids. The best way to make sure we always have your back, is to pay us directly and demand we never make money the way other companies offering "free software" do. We will never :

  • Sell your data
  • Sell your kid's attention
  • Violate your privacy

Now take a seat, because I'm sorry to tell you that our real belief is that you should budget much MORE money towards software for your kids and family besides Pinwheel. A typical middle class family in the USA spends $2,000 per year on kids activities and enrichment. We believe in the digital age that one third of your kids activity and enrichment budget should go towards software and healthy digital experiences and learning. That's around $55/month per child. Take stock of your own budget for kids activities. You may think about re-allocation of some of this family spending towards healthy kids apps and digital experiences for both learning and enrichment.

Committing to buying software is one way to help in improving outcomes in our relationship with our technology.

Jan 5, 2021

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