Bark and Pinwheel

Bark works on Pinwheel!

"Is Bark included with Pinwheel?"
No. You will still have to pay for it, which may be as simple as adding it to an existing family plan or... much more. Here's a link to Bark's pricing page.

"Is it easy for my kid to disable?"
Bark is a special app. You will need to go to Accessibility in Settings and turn Bark on for it to run in the background. You also will need to enable the app on the Caregiver portal to sign in to your account, after which you can disable the app on the Caregiver portal and it will not be accessible by your child, while still being on the phone.

Bark is integrated with Pinwheel, so the app will never uninstall itself.

"Wait, so my kid COULD turn it off?"
The way Bark structured itself, a kid can actually disable it. Their own recommendation is to talk to your kid about Bark a certain way: “Your child may have turned it off themselves. We always recommend talking to your child about using Bark. For suggestions, check out this resource.

Feb 12, 2021

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