I approved an app, but isn't installing / is missing.

There's two reasons an app wouldn't appear right now:

  • The app category isn't available in the mode your phone is in.
  • The app didn't kickstart an install because there wasn't a mode change.

To fix that, you need to go to the Caregiver portal and check the following things:

  • Check which app category the app is in. For example, Spotify is in "Music & Audio" and Weather is in "Utilities"
  • Check which DAY is on the schedule. Click "Days and Modes" and look for today's date. Look at the name of that day.
  • Check that the app category is in the current mode. Now go to "Days and Modes" and find the day that is set for today. Click the mode for the current time. Check that the correct app categories are enabled in the mode box under apps. Edit, add, save.
  • If all are correct, tap "Reload" in the Pinwheel Settings app and allow a few minutes to see if the app kickstarts an install.

If none of this works, reach out to Customer Care and let us help!

Apr 8, 2021

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