Cellular providers and Pinwheel common questions

Hey, we here at Pinwheel get a lot of questions about cellular providers and their various interactions with the Pinwheel device. That being said, in this article is all of our frequently asked questions, see if any of them match yours!

"Is it safe to use ANY cellular provider on my child's device?"
Yes! Our software runs at the operating system level, so it is the same no matter which carrier it is on. The carrier provides a SIM card, phone number, location, and cellular connection. Pinwheel always will handle access, permissions, and apps through your Pinwheel Caregiver Portal.

"Do I need data on my plan to use my Pinwheel device?"
Yes! The Pinwheel software uses internet access to monitor through the Caregiver Portal. This means you will require data on your plan/carrier of choice in order to use the software properly. Plus, you can't use some music apps without data... and where would we be without music?

"Will my current carrier work on Pinwheel?"
Most likely! However, you will more than likely find a definitive answer here.

"What's the coverage like for X provider?"
No idea! Coverage is determined by your provider you select. However, if you selected through T-Mobile, that can be found here.

"What's the deal with Verizon and CDMA?"
This is a complex answer and can be further explained here

"Does Pinwheel offer cellular service?"
Not technically! Pinwheel is a software company, not a cellular company. All of our devices are unlocked and can be activated on most networks.

"Pinwheel and cellular, that's got to be a lot!"
We promise, it's really not! If you're looking for a cheap data plan, we suggest and have used the T-Mobile Connect plan.

Jun 2, 2021

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