How To: Create Your Accounts

Step one to being a caregiving professional: creating accounts. You'll need two: caregiver and child.
* If you're curious as to why, we explain it here.

First, you'll want to head over to the Caregiver portal located on the main Pinwheel website at the top right.

Upon arriving, you'll be presented with the initial login screen, if you don't already have an account (which is why you're here) go ahead and press sign up!


Second, after you have hit sign up you'll need to create your Caregiver account and provide needed information.

Please note:

  • You'll want to use YOUR email and not your kiddos.
  • Your phone number is used to add your contact as an initial emergency contact.
  • You'll be able to use both your email or username as a login.
  • Always write down and remember your password.

Third, now that you have filled in the information, upon hitting sign up it's going to send a verification code to your email. Sometimes this email gets stuck in Spam or All Mail depending on how emails are set up, so please check there before contacting Customer Care.

Lastly, you'll be taken to the child account creation screen. Fill out any needed information and voila! You're done with that and can move onto setting up modes.

Please note:

  • Always write down and remember your password and username.
  • Only use numbers and letters for the username, no spaces or special characters.
Jul 29, 2021

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