What are workarounds/dangers?

"What is a 'workaround'?"
These are fringe or unlikely solutions that can be found to get around Pinwheel's system. We let you know about them so you can monitor fully the apps while we work with our software development team to get them sorted out.

"Where do these come from?"
Sometimes software updates will create a new loophole, sometimes a kid finds something by trying combinations nobody ever thought of, and sometimes we just plain missed something in the depths of Android.

"Why do you allow 'workarounds' to exist at all?"
There are some apps that are so valuable that we've left it to parents to weigh and manage the risks. With Pinwheel, you choose what apps your kid has access to and when.

"Oh no, what does he mean by 'dangers'?"
Don't worry, it's easier to say something is a "danger" than it is a "workaround" because everyone knows what danger is. They're one and the same.

Jan 5, 2021

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