Wifi Through Pinwheel’s Mobile Hotspot

"My Kiddo Is Using The Mobile Hotspot to Access Internet on Our Computer."

Many of our customers live in rural areas or travel, and their kids rely on mobile hotspots to connect their computers and other devices for school, so we have left that function enabled. Our current thinking on safety is that we can only control what happens on a Pinwheel phone. Most Pinwheel parents currently take the approach that if their child has access to a non-Pinwheel computer or device, it needs controls on that device itself in order to prevent their accessing the internet outside of permitted times, or needs to be kept physically out of their reach when internet access is not allowed for them. We do take your concern seriously, and it is possible that this will become a parent-controllable setting in the future. Thank you for letting us know how this affects you — that helps guide our evaluation of it.

Jan 27, 2021

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