When will my phone arrive?

Most orders take 5-10 days to arrive.

Most of our orders are fulfilled via UPS and there's a tracking code automatically emailed to you when we first print the label. If you didn't get it, first please check spam.


Pinwheel is a pretty new company. We’ve been around long enough to be stable and to know what we’re doing — but not long enough to have Amazon’s size and speed.

You see, when we first launched, we focused on understanding deeply what kind of a smartphone would be good for kids, and really help them learn self-regulation and healthy habits and have some safe freedom.

Then, we built it and launched it to a select group of visionary families who helped us test and tweak and refine what we built.

Now, we are getting our Pinwheel phones into the hands of more kids, because parents like you believe, like us, that kids can grow up using technology as a useful tool, without being addicted or endangered. You are part of the first generation of parents to believe there’s a middle ground between “no technology til you’re old enough to buy it yourself” and “anything goes”. You are helping to pave the way for future generations of parents to have better choices for their kids.

Within another year or so, Pinwheel will have grown exponentially and we’ll have more team members packing boxes, more inventory on hand, better relationships with suppliers, and more distribution channels where people can buy a Pinwheel.

Right now, though, every phone sent out gets very personal attention from us: making sure it’s working properly, charged up, and packed with care specifically for you and your child. Doing it right takes a little time.

We promise we will be honest with you about when you’ll get your phone, and we work really hard to keep our promises. We can’t promise instant gratification, but we do promise honesty and genuine care.

Please don't buy Pinwheel for how fast it will get there, but for what it means for your child’s lifelong relationship with technology.

Feb 12, 2021